The burden of pollution occurring daily on our planet impacts, not only Earth itself, but our everyday lives as well. The only solution is to instill a green conscious in our everyday routines, turning "waste management process" from a legally mandatory activity to an actual "lifestyle". This is the mission and objective of PERIECO. By establishing strong bonds of trust and cooperation with the professionals/producers of sewage and other fields, PERIECO contributes at the outmost in maintaining the system's ecology that is so urgently needed by our planet.
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Perieco and its alliance provides a complete cleaning service for your oil water separator systems while keeping complete control of the waste thats removed from your location.
Our trained personnel will remove your liquids and sludges from your interceptors, trenches, catch basins and hoist pits. We thoroughly empty, scrape and rinse your entire system. We also transport, receive and process the waste. This gives you get a peace of mind knowing that you have complete control of where your waste ends up.
Our technical sales reps can visit your site and provide a complete inspection of your system, while recommending a cleaning program that will meet all your requirements and help determine your costs.
We offer routine pick-ups or scheduled call ins along with emergency response services.
Our vacuum trucks are certified to pick up many other hazardous liquid waste streams from your location, such as fuels and spent spray wash solutions.
Regulations state that you must have your interceptors pumped out regularly while maintaining less than 10cm of oil on the top of your interceptor and less than 30cm of sludge on the bottom. Perieco will always keep you in compliance.