The burden of pollution occurring daily on our planet impacts, not only Earth itself, but our everyday lives as well. The only solution is to instill a green conscious in our everyday routines, turning "waste management process" from a legally mandatory activity to an actual "lifestyle". This is the mission and objective of PERIECO. By establishing strong bonds of trust and cooperation with the professionals/producers of sewage and other fields, PERIECO contributes at the outmost in maintaining the system's ecology that is so urgently needed by our planet.
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Contamination consultant

The assessment and remediation of site contamination is a complex and specialised professional area involving a wide range of disciplines. Consultants undertaking site contamination assessments should investigate both human health and environmental issues and therefore are required to possess a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Perieco is a site contamination consultant company which, assesses the existence or nature or extent of site contamination and employs a range of professional and technical staff.

If remediation is required

Remediation as meaning to treat, contain, remove or manage chemical substances on or below the surface of the site so as to
a. eliminate or prevent actual or potential harm to the health or safety of human beings that is not trivial, taking into account current or proposed land uses, and
b. eliminate or prevent, as far as reasonably practicable
b1. actual or potential harm to water that is not trivial; and
b2. any other actual or potential environmental harm that is not trivial, taking into account current or proposed land uses,

If remediation is required after assessment, Perieco undertakes what is necessary to proceed to all the required actions for the remediation of the site.