The burden of pollution occurring daily on our planet impacts, not only Earth itself, but our everyday lives as well. The only solution is to instill a green conscious in our everyday routines, turning "waste management process" from a legally mandatory activity to an actual "lifestyle". This is the mission and objective of PERIECO. By establishing strong bonds of trust and cooperation with the professionals/producers of sewage and other fields, PERIECO contributes at the outmost in maintaining the system's ecology that is so urgently needed by our planet.
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Perieco was founded in 2011 in Athens, and is part of the A.T.E.K.E. Construction Group, which has been operating in the petroleum industry since 1991, as a key partner to all major oil companies (EKO, BP, AVIN, SHELL, CYCLON, ETEKA etc.). The increasing demands of the market for proper and efficient management of fuel and oil waste in the petrol station facilities, prompted the creation of a new company which, equipped with the long experience of ATEKE, is able to provide expert services in the specialized field of hazardous waste and nonhazardous waste.


  • Continuous improvement of services, consistent with the requirements of the market
  • Full compliance with National and European legislative frameworks
  • Strict application of health and safety standards while providing adequate training to staff
  • Environmental protection in the workplace


The company's managerial personnel and entire staff constantly aim at guaranteeing that the international quality system (ISO 9001:2008) requirements, implemented by the company, are always met, and that its services are upgraded with responsibility and effectiveness.
All company employees receive ongoing training and guidance on the terms and conditions regarding the management of hazardous products and in accordance to the requirements of the Community legislation.

Our deep concern towards the environmental consequences that derive from our work, along with strong principles and professionalism, are key factors that contribute in creating a company that works with absolute care and attention, following all ecological standards expected by an "ecology & environmental" interest's company. In accordance to the international quality system ISO 14001:2004, we have defined the requirements for the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System and have set the framework through which we constantly improve our objectives and performance.

We consider health & safety as the most important factors in a working environment and constantly pursue for safe working conditions and services towards our customers; as such, the operations of Perieco are based on the application of internationally recognized standards of the Management System of Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007/ELOT 1801:2008. Our system's main goal is to prevent and eliminate any possibility of accidents whether that concerns environmental impacts or human health issues.


Perieco's Management and its members, directed by a sense of responsibility towards a most effective implementation, aim for the constant improvement of the company's quality systems as well as the upgrade of its services.
Furthermore, employees who are hired for tasks related to the transport of dangerous goods, have received training in accordance to the conditions that preside over the carriage of such goods, according to their responsibilities and duties, and always in full compliance with the requirements of the Community Legislation.
Our container vehicles are equipped with the ADR certification of approval, and bear the required marking and equipment. They meet the requirements of the UNHCR 19403/1388/08/2008 (GG 781V/05.02.2008) amending P.D.104/1999 in compliance with the provisions of Directive 2003/28/EC of JMD I.P.13588/725/2006 (G.G.383/V/28.3.2006) "Measures, conditions and limitations for the management of hazardous waste" in compliance with the provisions of Directive 91/689/EEC, and JMD 24944/1159 (791V/2006) "Approval of General Technical Specifications for managing hazardous waste" in accordance with Article 5 (Par. B) of no. 13588/725 joint ministerial decision.


The organization and the quality of the company's services are fully complied and certified by the International Quality Management Standards EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007/ELOT 1801:2008.
The company operates with utter care and attention to the ecological conditions suited to an eco-environmental interests company.
The staff is fully qualified and trained, and the equipment is premium and suitable for the necessary care and protection of the environment.
Specializing in waste generated by the turnover of the service stations, Perieco can provide waste collection and transfer services from the construction phase and operation of service stations, but also, in cases of emergencies, as defined in JMD 46537/9.8.2013 "Standard Setting Environmental Commitments" in order for the stations to operate lawfully under the defined environmental commitments.